OPC 40100-1: Machine Vision - Control, Configuration management, recipe management, result management

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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, definitions and conventions 3.1 Terms 3.2 Abbreviations 3.3 Conventions used in this document 3.3.1 Conventions for Node descriptions 3.3.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames NodeIds BrowseNames 3.3.3 Common Attributes General Objects Variables VariableTypes Methods 4 General information on Machine Vision and OPC UA 4.1 Introduction to Machine Vision systems 4.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture 4.2.1 What is OPC UA? 4.2.2 Basics of OPC UA 4.2.3 Information modelling in OPC UA Concepts Namespaces Companion Specifications 5 Use cases 6 OPC Machine Vision information model overview 7 ObjectTypes for the Vision System in General 7.1 VisionSystemType 7.2 ConfigurationManagementType 7.2.1 Overview 7.2.2 ConfigurationManagementType methods AddConfiguration Overview New ExternalId Identically Existing ExternalId with identical configuration Identically Existing ExternalId with different configuration Local creation or editing of configurations GetConfigurationById GetConfigurationList ReleaseConfigurationHandle RemoveConfiguration ActivateConfiguration 7.3 ConfigurationFolderType 7.4 ConfigurationTransferType 7.4.1 Overview 7.4.2 ConfigurationTransferType methods GenerateFileForRead GenerateFileForWrite 7.5 RecipeManagementType 7.5.1 Overview 7.5.2 RecipeManagementType Methods AddRecipe Overview New ExternalId Identically Existing ExternalId with identical recipe Identically Existing ExternalId with different recipe Local creation or editing of recipes PrepareRecipe UnprepareRecipe GetRecipeListFiltered ReleaseRecipeHandle RemoveRecipe PrepareProduct UnprepareProduct UnlinkProduct 7.6 RecipeTransferType 7.6.1 Overview 7.6.2 RecipeTransferType Methods GenerateFileForRead GenerateFileForWrite 7.7 RecipeType 7.7.1 Overview 7.7.2 RecipeType Methods Overview LinkProduct UnlinkProduct Prepare Unprepare Recipe transfer 7.8 RecipeFolderType 7.9 ProductFolderType 7.10 ResultManagementType 7.10.1 Overview 7.10.2 ResultManagementType methods GetResultById GetResultComponentsById GetResultListFiltered ReleaseResultHandle 7.11 ResultFolderType 7.12 ResultTransferType 7.12.1 Overview 7.12.2 ResultTransferType methods GenerateFileForRead 7.13 SafetyStateManagementType 7.13.1 Overview 7.13.2 SafetyStateManagementType methods ReportSafetyState 8 ObjectTypes for Vision System State Handling 8.1 State Machine overview 8.1.1 Introduction 8.1.2 Hierarchical state machines Entering a SubStateMachine Leaving a SubStateMachine 8.1.3 Automatic and triggered transitions and events 8.1.4 Preventing transitions 8.2 VisionStateMachineType 8.2.1 Introduction 8.2.2 Operation of the VisionStateMachineType Basic operation Resetting the system Halting the system Error handling 8.2.3 VisionStateMachineType Overview 8.2.4 Modes of operation 8.2.5 VisionStateMachineType Definition 8.2.6 VisionStateMachineType States Introduction Preoperational State Halted State Error State Operational State 8.2.7 VisionStateMachineType Transitions 8.2.8 VisionStateMachineType Methods Halt method Reset method SelectModeAutomatic method ConfirmAll method 8.2.9 VisionStateMachineType EventTypes StateChangedEventType ErrorEventType ErrorResolvedEventType 8.3 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType 8.3.1 Introduction 8.3.2 Operation of the “AutomaticMode” state machine. Introduction Single job operation Continuous operation General remarks on Stop and Abort methods Entering the “AutomaticMode” state machine 8.3.3 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType Overview 8.3.4 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType Definition 8.3.5 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType States Introduction Initialized State Ready State SingleExecution State ContinuousExecution State 8.3.6 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType Transitions 8.3.7 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType Methods StartSingleJob method StartContinuous method Abort method Stop method SimulationMode method 8.3.8 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType Events RecipePreparedEventType JobStartedEventType ReadyEventType ResultReadyEventType AcquisitionDoneEventType 8.3.9 Adding an operation mode 8.4 VisionStepModelStateMachineType 8.4.1 Operation of the VisionStepModelStateMachine Entering the step model SubStateMachine Executing a step sequence Completing the SubStateMachine Leaving the superior state 8.4.2 VisionStepModelStateMachineType Overview 8.4.3 VisionStepModelStateMachineType Definition 8.4.4 VisionStepModelStateMachineType States 8.4.5 VisionStepModelStateMachineType Transitions 8.4.6 VisionStepModelStateMachineType Methods Sync method 8.4.7 VisionStepModelStateMachine Events EnterStepSequenceEventType NextStepEventType LeaveStepSequenceEventType 9 VariableTypes for the Vision System 9.1 ResultType 10 EventTypes for the Vision System 10.1 VisionStateMachineType EventTypes 10.2 VisionAutomaticModeStateMachineType EventTypes 10.3 VisionStepModelStateMachineType EventTypes 10.4 Vision System State EventTypes and ConditionTypes 11 System States and Conditions for the Vision System 11.1 Introduction 11.2 Client interaction 11.2.1 Introduction 11.2.2 No Interaction 11.2.3 Acknowledgement 11.2.4 Confirmation 11.2.5 Confirm All 11.3 Classes of Informational Elements 11.3.1 Overview 11.3.2 Diagnostic Information 11.3.3 Information 11.3.4 Warning 11.3.5 Error 11.3.6 Persistent Error 11.4 EventTypes for Informational Elements 11.4.1 VisionEventType Overview Usage of inherited properties Usage of additional properties 11.4.2 VisionDiagnosticInfoEventType 11.4.3 VisionInformationEventType 11.4.4 VisionConditionType Overview Usage of properties in common with VisionEventType Usage of additional properties 11.4.5 VisionWarningConditionType 11.4.6 VisionErrorConditionType 11.4.7 VisionPersistentErrorConditionType 11.4.8 VisionSafetyEventType 11.5 Interaction between Messages, State Machine, and Vision System 11.6 Structuring of Vision System State information 11.6.1 Overview 11.6.2 Production (PRD) 11.6.3 Standby (SBY) 11.6.4 Engineering (ENG) 11.6.5 Scheduled Downtime (SDT) 11.6.6 Unscheduled Downtime (UDT) 11.6.7 Nonscheduled Time (NST) 12 DataTypes for the Vision System 12.1 Handle 12.2 TrimmedString 12.3 TriStateBooleanDataType 12.4 ProcessingTimesDataType 12.5 MeasIdDataType 12.6 PartIdDataType 12.7 JobIdDataType 12.8 BinaryIdBaseDataType 12.9 RecipeIdExternalDataType 12.10 RecipeIdInternalDataType 12.11 RecipeTransferOptions 12.12 ConfigurationDataType 12.13 ConfigurationIdDataType 12.14 ConfigurationTransferOptions 12.15 ProductDataType 12.16 ProductIdDataType 12.17 ResultDataType 12.18 ResultIdDataType 12.19 ResultStateDataType 12.20 ResultTransferOptions 12.21 SystemStateDataType 12.22 SystemStateDescriptionDataType 13 Profiles and Namespaces 13.1 Namespace Metadata 13.2 Conformance Units 13.2.1 Overview 13.2.2 Server 13.2.3 Client 13.3 Facets and Profiles 13.3.1 Overview 13.3.2 Server Overview Facets Basic Vision System Server Facet Inline Vision System Server Facet Automatic Mode Server Facet Processing Times Server Facet File Transfer Server Facet Basic Result Handling Server Facet Inline Result Handling Server Facet Full Result Handling Server Facet Standard Configuration Handling Server Facet Full Configuration Handling Server Facet Standard Recipe Handling Server Facet Full Recipe Handling Server Facet Profiles Basic Vision System Server Profile Basic Vision System Server Profile without OPC UA Security Simple Inline Vision System Server Profile Simple Inline Vision System with File Transfer Profile Simple Inline Vision System with File Revisioning Server Profile Inline Vision System with File Transfer Server Profile Inline Vision System with File Revisioning Server Profile Full Vision System Server Profile 13.3.3 Client Overview Facets Basic Control Client Facet Full Control Client Facet Basic Result Content Client Facet Simple Result Content Client Facet Full Result Content Client Facet Result Meta Data Client Facet Configuration Handling Client Facet Recipe Handling Client Facet Vision State Monitoring Client Facet Production Quality Monitoring Client Facet Data Backup Client Facet Profiles Basic Control Client Profile Simple Control Client Profile Full Control Client Profile Result Content Client Profile Monitoring Client Profile Configuration Management Client Profile 13.4 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces Annex A (normative)Machine Vision Namespace and mappings A.1 Namespace and identifiers for Machine Vision Information Model A.2 Profile URIs for Machine Vision Information Model Annex B (informative) Conceptual Model B.1 Recipe management B.1.1 Terms used in recipe management B.1.2 Recipes in general B.1.2.1 Definition B.1.2.2 Structure and management B.1.2.3 Identification B.1.3 Recipes on the vision system B.1.3.1 Existing and prepared recipes B.1.3.2 Recipe identification B.1.3.3 Recipes in the Address Space B.1.3.4 Client-side recipe handling B.1.4 Example for a recipe life cycle B.1.5 Recipes and the state of the vision system B.1.5.1 Types of recipe management B.1.5.2 State handling for recipe management B.1.5.3 Availability of recipe management methods B.1.6 Recipe-product relation B.1.7 Recipe transfer B.1.7.1 Introduction B.1.7.2 Method-based recipe management B.1.7.3 Address Space-based recipe management