If AddRecipe comes to the conclusion that the content of the recipe to be transferred is different from the content already existing for this ExternalId, it shall return TRUE in the TransferRequired argument.

The behavior with respect to the management of the recipe metadata and recipe content is entirely application-defined. The vision system may decide to create a new management structure with a new InternalId and add the recipe content to the local recipe store, or it may decide to re-use the existing ExternalId and overwrite the recipe content.

If the server chooses to represent recipes in the Address Space, the behavior with respect to these recipe objects should mirror the behavior of the vision system in its internal recipe management

The behavior with regard to the ProductId argument is as described above for a new ExternalId. If the vision system stores both recipe versions, it is implementation-defined whether both are linked to the ProductId or not.

Note that overwriting a recipe shall result in a change to the internalId of the recipe. The change may effect only the hash value, the identifier may remain the same. Historical storage is not required.