If AddConfiguration is called with an ExternalId already existing in the configuration management of the vision system, it is expected that the vision system checks whether an identical version of the configuration already exists, provided that the content of the ExternalId allows for such a check. (A way to perform this comparison without having to download the binary content first is offered by the optional hash value in the ExternalId. The idea is that the client computes a hash for the contents of the recipe and passes that hash in the ExternalId. The server can then check this hash against a hash transmitted earlier, or it can compute a hash by itself over the contents of the recipe currently stored on the vision system side. For this procedure, the server needs to know the hash algorithm used by the client which can be transmitted in the hashAlgorithm member of the ExternalId).

Note that the method has no way of checking this with the actual configuration content which is not yet known to the vision system.

The method will return FALSE in the TransferRequired argument if the method comes to the conclusion that the configuration already exists with identical content on the vision system. Note that the result is not binding for the client who may decide to transfer the configuration content anyway.

If the server represents configurations in the Address Space, no new entry shall be created in the configurations folder.