In this state, the system is characterized by the following properties:

  • The vision system has prepared one or more recipes such that they can be used for processing immediately upon a StartSingleJob or StartContinuous method call (unless it is a system without any recipe management).
  • The vision system is ready to accept either a StartSingleJob or a StartContinuous method to begin image processing operation.
  • Recipes can be added and retrieved by methods detailed in Sections 7.5, 7.6, 7.7.
  • Which recipes are ready for use can be changed by calling the PrepareRecipe method depending on the recipe handling capabilities of the system.
  • Results can be pulled from the internal result-store by the methods detailed in Section 7.5.
  • The vision system can be put into simulation mode (see Section

Depending on the recipe handling capabilities of the vision system, calling an AddRecipe or PrepareRecipe method in this state may cause the system to fall back into Initialized state, temporarily preventing it from accepting Start methods.

If an error is dectected which suspends normal operation, the system will transition to Error state in the VisionStateMachine.

This state can be left in the following ways:

All method-triggered transitions can also occur automatically upon an internal decision of the system.

This state can be a composite state with an optional VisionStepModelStateMachineType SubStateMachine.