A call to the StartSingleJob method will cause a transition into state SingleExecution, where the system will typically acquire data and, once it has finished acquiring data, will fire an AcquisitionDone event. Note that there is no temporal relationship between the system returning to the Ready state and the completion of image acquisition or processing for the job triggered by a Start method. The system can already have left state SingleExecution to Ready, it can even accept another Start method call and carry out the next job, before the AcquisitionDone event for the previous job occurs, if the system is capable of handling several image acquisitions and/or image evaluations simultaneously.

From the point of view of the OPC UA client, the state machine is always carrying out one job only. However, there may be evaluation process of several jobs running in parallel on the system and may trigger AcquisitionDone events as well as ResultReady events.

Whenever the system is ready for the next StartSingleJob method, it will transition into the Ready state again.