In addition to terms defined in 3.1the following important terms are used in the description of the recipe management use case:

  • Recipe object: the OPC UA data structure containing meta data for a recipe and possibly a reference to the recipe itself
  • Recipe list: a list of recipe variables maintained in the VisionSystem object in the OPC UA server
  • External: not part of the vision system or the OPC UA server; may refer to the automation system, the manufacturing execution system or other entities
  • Environment: the set of external entities working with the vision system in one way or another, e.g. PLC, MES, etc.
  • ExternalId: OPC UA datatype identifying a recipe in the view of the environment
  • InternalId: OPC UA datatype identifying an instance of the recipe on the vision system
  • ProductId: OPC UA datatype identifying a product in the view of the environment