This is not, strictly speaking, a use-case of the method AddRecipe, but results are comparable, therefore, the use-case is described here.

If a recipe is created locally on the vision system or is loaded onto the vision system by a different interface than the OPC Machine Vision interface, i.e. the recipe is added without using the AddRecipe method, then this recipe shall have a system-wide unique InternalId, just like a recipe added through the method.

If an existing recipe which was uploaded to the vision system through AddRecipe is locally changed, the ExternalId shall be removed from the changed version and it shall receive a new system-wide unique InternalId so that the two recipes cannot be confused. Of course the vision system may record the history from which recipe it was derived.

If the server represents recipes in the Address Space and if the locally created or edited recipes match the current filter criteria, then they shall be represented as nodes in the Recipes folder, with their system-wide unique InternalIds, but without ExternalIds.

An important special case is the local editing of an already prepared recipe, described in Section B.1.2.3. Since after local editing, the already prepared recipe is different from before, effectively a new recipe has been prepared by the local editing. Therefore, a new RecipePrepared event shall be generated (see also Section