OPC 10000-82: UAFX Part 82: Networking

Released 1.00.02


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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, definitions, and abbreviated terms 3.1 Terms and definitions 3.1.1 Bridge 3.1.2 Bridge Component 3.1.3 end station 3.1.4 End Station Component 3.1.5 Global Time 3.1.6 Grandmaster Clock 3.1.7 Grandmaster PTP Instance 3.1.8 IA-station 3.1.9 PTP End Instance 3.1.10 PTP Instance 3.1.11 PTP Relay Instance 3.1.12 UAFX Application 3.1.13 UAFX Station 3.1.14 Working Clock 3.2 Abbreviated terms 3.3 Conventions used in this document 3.3.1 Conventions for block diagrams 3.3.2 Usage of Instance of a type 4 Overview 5 System description 5.1 Overview 5.2 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 5.2.1 Overview 5.2.2 Supported Features 5.3 HostName resolution 5.3.1 Overview 5.3.2 HostName resolution using DNS 5.3.3 HostName resolution using multicast DNS (mDNS) 5.4 Server announcement and discovery using mDNS 5.5 Network quantities 5.6 Quality of Service 5.6.1 Overview 5.6.2 Traffic Priority 5.6.3 VLANs 5.6.4 Example UAFX engineering workflow with a focus on networking QoS General Application and QoS engineering Network configuration System integration Connection establishment and operation 6 Component model and requirements 6.1 General 6.2 Bridge Component definitions 6.2.1 Overview 6.2.2 Bridge Component feature selection 6.3 End Station Component definitions 6.3.1 Overview 6.3.2 End Station Component feature selection 6.4 IA-station definitions 6.4.1 Overview 6.4.2 IA-station requirements 6.4.3 Default Priority to Traffic Class Mapping 6.5 UAFX Station definitions 6.5.1 Overview 6.5.2 UAFX Station requirements 6.5.3 Network interface representation and default configuration 6.5.4 Default PriorityMappingTable configuration 7 Services and capabilities 7.1 General 7.2 Remote Management 7.2.1 Overview 7.2.2 NETCONF 7.3 Topology Discovery 7.3.1 Overview 7.3.2 IEEE 802.1AB (LLDP) Overview Profile Definitions Version Operational control parameters LLDPDU transmission, reception, and addressing TLV selection General Chassis ID TLV Port ID TLV System Capabilities TLV Management Address TLV Remote management 7.4 Time Synchronisation 7.4.1 Overview 7.4.2 IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 Overview gPTP domains PTP Instances PTP Port Examples of PTP in a UAFX Station Engineered time synchronisation spanning tree IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020 Profile General gPTP domain support Message priorities Remote management