IA-stations may be a simple End Station Component (see 6.3) acting as the source or destination for control data traffic. IA-stations may also include a Bridge Component (see 6.2). More complex IA-stations incorporating several End Station Components and Bridge Components within one device can also be found in industrial automation (e.g., a Controller with multiple modules).

Figure 10 shows examples of three IA-stations. IA-station 1 is comprised of one End Station Component, IA-station 2 is comprised of one End Station Component and one Bridge Component, and IA-station 3 is comprised of a Bridge Component and two End Station Components.


NOTEHowever, not shown in this example, it is possible for multiple End Station Components to share a single Bridge Component or a single End Station Component to share multiple Bridge Components.

Figure 10 – IA-station examples