A Bridge Component interconnects two or more network segments and forwards packets between them. This specification supports the Bridge Component features listed in 6.2.2, including link speeds of 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s.

A Bridge Component may support the following features:

C-VLAN component requirements as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018, 5.5.

NOTE This specification does not make use of the Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP).

Strict priority algorithm for transmission selection as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Q2018, on each port for each traffic class

Regenerating priority as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Q2018, 6.9.4

Frame filtering as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Q2018, 5.4.1, Item h)

Per-stream filtering and policing as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Q2018,

Enhancements for scheduled traffic as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Q2018, 5.4.1, Items ab) and ac)

NOTEFor UAFX, the enhancements for scheduled traffic mechanism relies on a synchronized Working Clock.

Frame Preemption as defined in:

IEEE Std 802.1Q2018, 5.4.1, Item ad)

IEEE Std 802.32018, Clause 99 (Interspersing Express Traffic Support), including support of the Additional Ethernet Capabilities TLV in an LLDPDU per IEEE Std 802.32018, 79.3.7

TE-MSTID as defined in IEEE Std 802.1Qcc2018, 5.5.2 Items a) and b).