UAFX defines the use of the LLDP protocol for IA-stations to announce themselves to their peers for device and topology discovery. By default, announcements from a UAFX Station contain, among others, the management address(es) and system capabilities (see

For adaptability of the operational behaviour and the announced information of LLDP, all UAFX Stations support the LLDP local system YANG (see UAFX Stations that include a Bridge Component also receive and store LLDP announcement information received from their peers in the LLDP remote systems YANG.

A remote management protocol (see 7.2) is used between the TDE and IA-stations to query the local system YANG and remote systems YANG. The management address information in the retrieved remote systems YANG allows the TDE to discover and query new IA-stations. The correlation of an IA-station’s local system data with a neighbouring IA-station’s remote systems data enables the TDE to discover the physical network topology.

Figure 18 illustrates an example network showing the LLDP agents and their management in a UAFX Station consisting of a single End Station Component, an IA-station, and a UAFX Station with an End Station Component and a Bridge Component.


Figure 18 – Usage example of LLDP in UAFX