As a connected system, UAFX assumes certain capabilities to be provided in the network. UAFX mandates features such as DHCP or DNS from the device side, as described in this clause. UAFX does not mandate services on the system level (since, for instance, smaller systems do not necessarily require DHCP and DNS servers), but to ensure scalability, respective services can be expected in the system. Furthermore, aiming at networks of different sizes, the following quantities represent what can be supported in a network containing UAFX Stations:

  • UAFX Stations – > 1000,
  • Network segments – >1,
  • Controllers – >1,
  • TSN Configuration Domains – >1,
  • Controllers per Configuration Domain – >10,
  • Devices per Configuration Domain – >250,
  • Streams per Controller for C2C – 64,
  • Streams per Controller for C2D – 512.