A UAFX Station transmitting LLDPDUs shall include the LLDP TLVs selected in this sub-clause. A UAFX Station receiving LLDPDUs shall process LLDPDUs and include the information in the LLDP Remote System’s YANG.

Each transmitted LLDPDU shall contain the following LLDP TLVs defined in IEEE 802.1AB-2016, 8.5:

  • exactly one Chassis ID TLV, as defined in,
  • exactly one Port ID TLV, as defined in,
  • exactly one Time To Live TLV,
  • exactly one System Capabilities TLV, as defined in chapter,
  • one or more Management Address TLVs, as defined in, and
  • zero or more additional TLVs not listed in this requirement.

NOTE The concatenation of the Chassis ID and Port ID fields enables the recipient of an LLDPDU to identify the sending LLDP agent/port.