A UAFX Station has at least one UAFX-capable network interface. Since UAFX uses IP for different types of data exchange, each network interface shall have at least one IP address (excluding localhost) and respective interface parameters such as subnet mask, default gateway address, and DNS server address. The IP addresses of network interfaces (and respective interface parameters) of the UAFX Station are configured as a part of the bootstrapping process. This configuration can be provided in an automated manner or manually. A particular IP address allocation method is not mandated to be used as long as an IP address allocation method produces no conflict in the network.

To fulfil the aforementioned system behaviour, a UAFX Station shall support a DHCP client on each network interface, supporting configuration methods defined in IETF RFC 2131 and all features necessary to implement such methods.

NOTE: Current document only mandates DHCP for IPv4 use. IPv6 and respective DHCPv6 can be supported, but mandatory specifics are the subject of further releases.