OPC 30260: Open-SCS Product Serialization

Released 1.02


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1 Scope 2 Normative References 3 Terms, definitions and conventions 3.1 Overview 3.2 OPC UA for OpenSCS Terms 3.2.1 Aggregation 3.2.2 Commissioned Label 3.2.3 Information Provider 3.2.4 Information Receiver 3.2.5 Information Requestor 3.2.6 Printed Label 3.2.7 Serial Number 3.2.8 Serialized Identifier 3.3 Abbreviations and symbols 3.4 OPC UA Notation 4 Concept 4.1 OPEN-SCS Overview 4.1.1 Serial Number Lifecycle 4.1.2 Serialization Activities 4.1.3 Serial Number Information Model 4.1.4 Serial Number State and Event Model 4.1.5 Serialization Functions 4.2 OPC UA Summary 4.2.1 Introduction 4.2.2 What is OPC UA? 4.2.3 Basics of OPC UA 4.2.4 Information Modelling in OPC UA Concepts Namespaces Companion Specifications 5 Modelling Approach of OPEN-SCS 6 OPEN-SCS Data Representation Model 6.1 General 6.2 Instance AddressSpace 6.3 ObjectTypes 6.3.1 OPENSCSPoolManagerObjectType OPENSCSPoolManagerObjectType Definition SNRequestUnassigned Method SNRequestUnallocated Method SNRequestAllocated Method SNReturnUnallocated Method SNReturnAllocated Method SNtoUnallocated Method SNtoAllocated Method SNtoEncoded Method 6.3.2 OPENSCSEventManagerObjectType EPCISStream Object SNInvalidatingEvent Method LabelsEncodingEvent Method LabelsScrappingEvent Method LabelsInspectingEvent Method LabelsSamplingEvent Method SIDCommissioningEvent Method SIDDestroyingEvent Method SIDShippingEvent Method SIDInspectingEvent Method SIDDecommissioningEvent Method 6.3.3 OPENSCSAggregationManagerObjectType AggregationPackingEvent Method AggregationUnpackingEvent Method 6.3.4 OPENSCSSIDClassObjectType 6.4 DataTypes 6.4.1 OPENSCSAggregationDataType 6.4.2 OPENSCSCollectionDataType 6.4.3 OPENSCSEventStreamArgumentDataType 6.4.4 OPENSCSKeyValueDataType 6.4.5 OPENSCSLabelDataType 6.4.6 OPENSCSLabelCollectionDataType 6.4.7 OPENSCSLabelPropertyDataType 6.4.8 OPENSCSReturnEnum 6.4.9 OPENSCSSerialNumberStateEnum 6.4.10 OPENSCSSIDClassPropertyDataType 6.4.11 OPENSCSSNCollectionDataType 6.5 Product Master Data 7 Profiles and Namespaces 7.1 Profile Overview 7.2 Namespace Metadata 7.3 Conformance Units 7.3.1 Overview 7.3.2 Server Conformance Units 7.3.3 Client Conformance Units 7.4 Profiles and Facets 7.4.1 OPENSCS Facets OPENSCS Security Server Facet OPENSCS Server Mandatory Authentication OPENSCS Security Client Facet OPENSCS Client Mandatory Authentication 7.4.2 OPENSCS Server Profiles OPENSCS Base Server Profile Aggregation Event Manager Server Profile Allocated Serial Number Manager Server Profile Unallocated Serial Number Manager Server Profile Unassigned Serial Number Manager Server Profile Print and Commission Manager Server Profile Serial Number Event Manager Server Profile Label Event Manager Server Profile SID Event Manager Server Profile SID Class Manager Server Profile EPCIS Event Manager Server Profile 7.4.3 OPENSCS Client Profiles OPENSCS Base Client Profile Aggregation Event Manager Client Profile Allocated Serial Number Manager Client Profile Unallocated Serial Number Manager Client Profile Unassigned Serial Number Manager Client Profile Print and Commission Manager Client Profile Serial Number Event Manager Client Profile Label Event Manager Client Profile SID Event Manager Client Profile EPCIS Event Manager Client Profile Annex A (normative): OPENSCS Namespace and mappings A.1 Namespace and identifiers for OPENSCS-SER Information Model A.2 Method Result Codes A.3 Reference documents A.4 Additional Syntax Rules