The OPC UA OPEN-SCS Information Model is a representation of the OPEN-SCS data model in OPC Methods, ObjectTypes, VariableTypes, DataTypes and ReferenceTypes.

This model generates standard types. All OPEN-SCS types will be defined in their own namespace and will begin with “OPENSCS”

The following conventions apply to ObjectType, VariableType and DataType naming:

  • All ObjectTypes include “ObjectType” as part of the name
  • All DataTypes that are structures include “DataType” as part of the name, this is to be able to differentiate them from any VariableTypes that will just end in Type.
  • All enumerations will end in “Enum”, to clearly identify that it is an enumeration.
  • All base DataTypes (int32, float, …) used in the OPC UA server will be those defined in OPC UA, see OPC 10000-6 for more detail on the representation of the datatypes.