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1 Scope 2 Normative References 3 TERMINOLOGY, DEFINITIONS, ABBREVIATIONS 3.1 Terminology 3.1.1 CSP+ for machine 3.1.2 CSPP section 3.1.3 CSPP part 3.1.4 CSPP element 3.1.5 CSPP item 3.2 Abbreviations and Symbols 4 CSP+ FOR MACHINE AND OPC UA 4.1 Introduction to CSP+ for Machine 4.1.1 Overview 4.1.2 Basic structure of CSP+ for machine CSPP section CSPP part 4.1.3 CSPP element and CSPP item 4.1.4 Machine information and machine data 4.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture 4.2.1 General 4.2.2 Graphical notation 4.3 Use Case 5 MACHINE MODEL 5.1 Overview 5.1.1 Basic policy 5.1.2 Model positioning 5.2 Type Definition 5.2.1 CsppMachineType ObjectType CsppMachineType ObjectType ParameterSet Object Object corresponding to COMM_IF section Object corresponding to COMM_IF VARIABLE part Object corresponding to COMM_IF_CONFIGURATION part 5.2.2 CsppAnalogItemType VariableType 5.2.3 CSP+ machine ObjectType 5.3 Machine Object and Entry Point 6 MAPPING 6.1 Overview 6.2 FILE Section 6.3 DEVICE Section 6.3.1 Header information 6.3.2 DEVICE_INFO part Header information COMMON information CSPP element CSPP element other than COMMON information 6.3.3 DEVICE_IF part 6.4 COMM_IF Section and BLOCK Section 6.4.1 Basic policy 6.4.2 COMM_IF section header information 6.4.3 BLOCK section header information 6.4.4 COMM_IF_INFO part 6.4.5 BLOCK_INFO part 6.4.6 COMM_IF_VARIABLE part, COMM_IF_CONFIGURATION part Header information CSPP element 6.4.7 BLOCK_MEMORY part, BLOCK_PARAM part Header information Preset label CSPP element CSPP element other than preset label 6.4.8 ENUM part Header information CSPP element TwoStateDiscreteType VariableType MultiStateDiscreteType VariableType MultiStateValueDiscreteType VariableType 7 DATA TYPE MAPPING 8 PROFILE AND NAMESPACE 8.1 Namespace Metadata 8.2 OPC UA Conformance Unit and Profile 8.3 Handling of the OPC UA Namespace 9 APPENDIX A: Namespace and Mapping 10.1 A.1→Namespace and Identifiers of the Information Model of CSP+ for Machine 10.2 A.2→Profile URI in the Information Model of CSP+ for Machine→