When CODE item values of entire CSPP elements of ENUM part are assigned in a serial number starting from 0, map the reference source CSPP element to the DataVariable of the MultiStateDiscreteType VariableType. Map the CSPP elements of the ENUM part to Properties of the DataVariable based on the following rules.

  • Sort the CSPP elements in the ascending order of the CODE item value to be assigned to each element of the EnumStrings Property (Note: the Property above is array type) in a sequential order.
  • When the LABEL2 item of the CSPP element is specified, set the item value to the text element of the Value Attribute for the corresponding element of the EnumStrings Property. Set the DATA item value of the Language element in the FILE_INFO part to the Locale element.
  • When the LABEL2 item of the CSPP element is not specified, set the LABEL item value to the text element. Set "en-US" to the Locale element.