This chapter specifies the OPC UA information model for machines described by the CSP+ for machine.

This section defines CsppMachineType ObjectType corresponding to all the machines described by the CSP+ for machine, and further defines dedicated ObjectType corresponding to separate machines described by each CSP+ for machine (hereinafter referred to as "CSP+ machine ObjectType"). The CsppMachineType ObjectType should be abstract ObjectType (IsAbstract attribute is "true") inheriting DeviceType ObjectType specified by the OPC 10000-100. The CSP+ machine ObjectType should be non-abstract ObjectType (IsAbstract attribute is "false") inheriting CsppMachineType ObjectType. While inheriting, Node definition corresponding to the information described in the CSP+ for machine is added.

The machine information described by the CSP+ for machine is described as an Object of the CSP+ machine ObjectType.

Positioning of OPC UA information model specified in this document is shown in Figure 61. In addition to the CsppMachineType ObjectType corresponding to the machine, CsppAnalogItemType as VariableType for the CsppMachineType ObjectType is defined.


Figure 61 – Positioning of OPC UA Information Model Related to Machine