NodeId ns=1;i=1003
NodeClass ObjectType
BrowseName 1:ControllerType
DisplayName ControllerType
Description The ControllerType describes the control unit of motion devices. One motion device system can have one or more instances of the ControllerType.
BaseType 2:ComponentType
IsAbstract False
Reference NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition DataType Other
0:HasComponent Object 2:ParameterSet 0:BaseObjectType O
0:HasProperty Variable 2:Manufacturer 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText M
0:HasProperty Variable 2:Model 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText M
0:HasProperty Variable 2:ProductCode 0:PropertyType 0:String M
0:HasProperty Variable 2:SerialNumber 0:PropertyType 0:String M
0:HasComponent Object 1:CurrentUser 1:UserType M
0:HasComponent Object 1:Components 0:FolderType O
0:HasComponent Object 1:Software 0:FolderType M
0:HasComponent Object 1:TaskControls 0:FolderType M
1:HasSafetyStates Object 1:<SafetyStatesIdentifier> 1:SafetyStateType OP
1:Controls Object 1:<MotionDeviceIdentifier> 1:MotionDeviceType OP