OPC 10000-84: UAFX Part 84: Profiles

Released 1.00.02


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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms and definitions 4 Overview 4.1 General 4.2 Profile Categories 5 Conformance Units 5.1 Overview 5.2 UAFX Information Model 5.2.1 Overview 5.2.2 UAFX Base 5.2.3 UAFX AutomationComponent 5.2.4 UAFX FxAsset 5.2.5 UAFX FunctionalEntity 5.2.6 UAFX ConnectionManager 5.3 UAFX Networking 5.3.1 Overview 5.3.2 UAFX Ethernet networking features 5.3.3 UAFX Ethernet Networking Quantities 5.4 UAFX OfflineEngineering 5.4.1 Overview 5.4.2 UAFX OfflineEngineering Descriptor 5.4.3 UAFX OfflineEngineering Descriptor Security 5.4.4 UAFX Descriptor contents Overview UAFX Descriptor Contents – UAFX Information Model UAFX Descriptor Contents – Networking Information Model UAFX Descriptor Contents – Core UA Information Model 6 Profiles 6.1 Overview 6.2 Profile list 6.3 Conventions for Profile definitions 6.4 Profile versioning 6.5 Applications 6.6 Profile tables 6.6.1 Overview 6.6.2 UAFX Information Model Facets Overview UAFX AutomationComponent Facet UAFX AutomationComponent Communication Publisher Facet UAFX AutomationComponent Communication Subscriber Facet UAFX IFunctionalEntity Facet UAFX FunctionalEntity Facet UAFX top-level FunctionalEntity Facet UAFX IAssetRevision Facet UAFX IAssetExtensions Facet DI IVendorNameplate Facet DI ITagNameplate Facet DI IDeviceHealth Facet UAFX Asset Facet UAFX Slot AssetConnector Facet UAFX Socket AssetConnector Facet UAFX Clamp AssetConnector Facet UAFX ClampBlock AssetConnector Facet 6.6.3 UAFX Networking Facets Overview Base Bridge Component Facet Advanced Bridge Component Facet Full Bridge Component Facet End Station Component Facet IA-station Facet UAFX Station Facet 6.6.4 UAFX Controller Overview UAFX Controller Server Profile UAFX Controller Server 2023 Profile UAFX ConnectionManager Client Facet UAFX SubscriberConfiguration Facet UAFX SKS Push Facet UAFX SKS Push 2023 Facet UAFX ConnectionManager Facet UAFX Controller Profile UAFX Controller 2023 Profile UAFX Controller Safety Facet 6.6.5 UAFX OfflineEngineering Profiles Overview UAFX Offline Security Policies UAFX Offline Security Policy – Rsa-Sha256 Facet UAFX Offline Security Policy – Rsa-Sha384 Facet UAFX Offline Security Policy – Rsa-Sha512 Facet UAFX Offline Security Policy – ECC-nistP256 Facet UAFX Offline Security Policy – ECC-nistP384 Facet UAFX Offline Security Policy – ECC-nistP521 Facet UAFX Offline Descriptor Profile UAFX Offline Descriptor AutomationComponent Facet UAFX Offline Descriptor Asset Facet UAFX Offline Descriptor FuntionalEntity Facet UAFX Offline Descriptor Networking Facet UAFX Offline Descriptor Core UA Facet UAFX Engineering Tool Import Profile UAFX Engineering Tool Export Profile