OPC 40100-2: Machine Vision - Asset Mgmt and Condition Monitoring

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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, definitions, and conventions 3.1 Overview 3.2 OPC UA for Machine Vision Part 2 terms 3.3 Abbreviated terms 3.4 Conventions used in this document 3.4.1 Conventions for Node descriptions Node definitions Additional References Additional sub-components Additional Attribute values 3.4.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames NodeIds BrowseNames 3.4.3 Common Attributes General Objects Variables VariableTypes Methods 4 General information on Machine Vision and OPC UA 4.1 Introduction to Machine Vision Systems 4.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture 4.2.1 What is OPC UA? 4.2.2 Basics of OPC UA 4.2.3 Information modelling in OPC UA Concepts Namespaces Companion Specifications 5 Use cases 5.1 Overview 5.2 Items and System Relationships 5.3 Inventory and replacements 5.4 Static maintenance information 5.5 Dynamic Maintenance Information 5.6 Health Monitoring 5.7 Information recording 5.8 Service history record 6 OPC Machine Vision Part 2 Information Model overview 7 OPC Machine Vision Common Types 7.1 Vision Machine Identification 7.2 Vision Component Identification 7.3 VisionMaintenanceInfoType ObjectType Definition 7.4 VisionHealthInfoType ObjectType Definition 7.5 IVisionInfoType InterfaceType definition 7.6 VisionItemFolderType ObjectType Definition 8 OPC Machine Vision System Asset 8.1 VisionSystemAssetType ObjectType Definition 9 OPC Machine Vision System Components 9.1 IComputingDeviceType InterfaceType Definition 9.2 VisionComputingDeviceType ObjectType Definition 9.3 IDisplayUnitType ObjectType Definition 9.4 VisionDisplayUnitType ObjectType Definition 9.5 IPhysicalInterfaceType ObjectType Definition 9.6 VisionPhysicalInterfaceType ObjectType Definition 9.7 ILensType ObjectType Definition 9.8 VisionLensType ObjectType Definition 9.9 VisionLensControllerType ObjectType Definition 9.10 ILightingControllerType ObjectType Definition 9.11 VisionLightingControllerType ObjectType Definition 9.12 ILampType ObjectType Definition 9.13 VisionLampType ObjectType Definition 9.14 VisionImageSensorType ObjectType Definition 9.15 VisionFrameGrabberType ObjectType Definition 9.16 VisionOpticalFilterType ObjectType Definition 9.17 VisionWayEncoderType ObjectType Definition 9.18 VisionTriggerSensorType ObjectType Definition 9.19 VisionPatternGeneratorType ObjectType Definition 9.20 VisionAcquisitionBackgroundType ObjectType Definition 9.21 VisionSurroundingEnvironmentType ObjectType Definition 9.22 VisionHousingType ObjectType Definition 9.23 VisionPowerSupplyType ObjectType Definition 9.24 VisionClimateControllerType ObjectType Definition 9.25 ILicenseType ObjectType Definition 9.26 VisionLicenseType ObjectType Definition 9.27 VisionNetworkDeviceType ObjectType Definition 9.28 ICableType ObjectType Definition 9.29 VisionCableType ObjectType Definition 9.30 VisionOtherOpticalEquipmentType ObjectType Definition 9.31 VisionAspectImageReceiverType ObjectType Definition 9.32 VisionAspectImageTransmitterType ObjectType Definition 9.33 VisionAspectImageTransceiverType ObjectType Definition 10 OPC UA VariableTypes 10.1 SEMI_E10SystemStateType VariableType Definition 11 OPC UA DataTypes 11.1 SEMI_E10SystemStateDataType 11.2 SEMI_E10SystemStateInfoDataType 12 OPC UA Reference Types 12.1 HasOpticalPathTo 12.2 TransmitsDataTo 13 Profiles and ConformanceUnits 13.1 Conformance Units 13.2 Profiles 13.2.1 Profile list 13.2.2 Server Facets Overview Vision Identification Server Facet Vision System Maintenance Info Server Facet Vision System Health Info Server Facet 14 Namespaces 14.1 Namespace Metadata 14.2 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces Annex A (normative)AMCM Namespace and mappings A.1 NodeSet and supplementary files for AMCM Information Model Annex B (informative)Example Scenario B.1 Mechanical Connections B.2 Service Class Tags B.3 Modular Devices B.4 Software and Licenses B.5 Shared Resources B.6 Cable Connections B.7 Detailed Cable models (Connectors and Pins) B.8 Image Transceivers B.9 Optical Paths B.10 Overview of the address space