OPC 40001-1: OPC UA for Machinery

Part 1: Basic Building Blocks

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Table of Contents

1 Scope

2 Normative References

3 Terms, Definitions and Conventions
    3.1 Overview
    3.2 OPC UA for Machinery Terms
    3.3 Abbreviated Terms
    3.4 Conventions used in this Document
        3.4.1 Conventions for Node Descriptions
   Node Definitions
   Additional References
   Additional Sub-components
   Additional Attribute Values
        3.4.2 NodeIds and BrowseNames
        3.4.3 Common Attributes

4 General information to Machinery and OPC UA
    4.1 Introduction to Machinery
        4.1.1 Machinery and Mechanical Engineering
        4.1.2 Sample Industries and Products
        4.1.3 Machinery and OPC UA
    4.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture
        4.2.1 What is OPC UA?
        4.2.2 Basics of OPC UA
        4.2.3 Information Modelling in OPC UA
   Companion Specifications

5 Use Cases
    5.1 Machine Identification and Nameplate
    5.2 Finding all Machines in a Server
    5.3 Component Identification and Nameplate
    5.4 Finding all Components of a Machine

6 Machinery Information Model overview
    6.1 General Idea – Definition of Building Blocks
    6.2 Overview of the Building Blocks

7 General Recommendations
    7.1 Localization
    7.2 Optional Nodes

8 Machine Identification and Nameplate
    8.1 Overview
    8.2 IMachineryItemVendorNameplateType
    8.3 MachineryItemIdentificationType ObjectType Definition
    8.4 IMachineVendorNameplateType
    8.5 IMachineTagNameplateType
    8.6 MachineIdentificationType ObjectType Definition

9 Finding all Machines in a Server
    9.1 Overview
    9.2 Machines Object Definition

10 Component Identification and Nameplate
    10.1 Overview
    10.2 MachineryComponentIdentificationType ObjectType Definition

11 Finding all identifiable Components of a Machine
    11.1 Overview
    11.2 MachineComponentsType ObjectType Definition

12 Profiles and ConformanceUnits
    12.1 Conformance Units
    12.2 Profiles
        12.2.1 Profile list
        12.2.2 Server Facets
   Machinery Machine Identification Server Facet
   Machinery Machine Identification Writable Server Facet
   Machinery Component Identification Server Facet
   Machinery Component Identification Mandatory Server Facet
   Machinery Component Identification Writable Server Facet
        12.2.3 Client Facets

13 Namespaces
    13.1 Namespace Metadata
    13.2 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces

Annex A (normative) OPC UA for Machinery Namespace and Mappings

Annex B (informative) Examples