This specification defines several building blocks for various use cases in the context of machinery. The specification uses the AddIn concept defined in OPC 10001-7, in order to allow companion specifications and vendors to easily apply individual building blocks.

This is exemplified in Figure 6. On the right side of the figure you can see ObjectTypes defining specific functionality like Identification. This includes the definition of a default BrowseName. On the left side you see an example of how such a building block is used. This type could use other building blocks as well.


Figure 6 – Concept of Building Blocks

This version of the specification defines

  • a building block for Machine Identification and Nameplate (see section 8) defined as AddIn
  • capabilities to find all Machines in a Server (see section 9) by defining a standardized entry point
  • a building block for component Identification and Nameplate (see section 10) defined as AddIn
  • a building block to find all identifiable components of a Machine (see section 0) defined as AddIn