The OPC UA for Machinery specification contains various building blocks for Machinery that allow to address use cases across different types of machines and components of machines defined in various companion specifications.

The content of this specification is applicable for any piece of equipment or parts of equipment that converts energy (e.g., electricity, steam, gas, human power, pressure) to mechanical movements, heat, electrical signals, pressure etc. to do a particular task in the mechanical engineering industry. This includes for example:

  1. Different types of Machines (see ISO 12100:2010, [1]), e.g. machine tools, injection moulding machines, woodworking machines, packaging machinery
  2. Partly completed machines, e.g. robotic systems
  3. Accessory and auxiliary equipment, e.g. interchangeable equipment, load-carrying equipment
  4. Devices and modules for the process industry, e.g. ovens, power systems
  5. Measuring, analysis and testing equipment, e.g. machine vision systems
  6. Control systems
  7. The environment with which entities are energetically and/or communicatively connected
  8. Installations consisting of multiple entities

This version contains building blocks for

  • Machine Identification and Nameplate
  • Finding all Machines in a Server
  • Component Identification and Nameplate
  • Finding all identifiable Components of a Machine

NOTE 1In the context of this document, the term "machine" is used throughout the document, regardless of the application.

NOTE 2The defined building blocks can also be used out of the context of mechanical engineering and for other applications as it is considered appropriate.