OPC 10000-22: UA Part 22: Base Network Model

Released 1.04 (Replaced by 1.05.03)


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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, definitions, abbreviated terms, and conventions 3.1 Terms and definitions 3.2 Abbreviated terms 4 Concepts 4.1 Type and Naming Conventions 4.2 Usage of OPC UA Interfaces 5 Model 5.1 Overview 5.2 OPC UA Interfaces 5.2.1 IIetfBaseNetworkInterfaceType Interface 5.2.2 IIeeeBaseEthernetPortType Interface 5.2.3 IIeeeAutoNegotiationStatusType Interface 5.2.4 IBaseEthernetCapabilitiesType Interface 5.2.5 ISrClassType Interface 5.2.6 IIeeeBaseTsnStreamType Interface 5.2.7 IIeeeBaseTsnTrafficSpecificationType Interface 5.2.8 IIeeeBaseTsnStatusStreamType Interface 5.2.9 IIeeeTsnInterfaceConfigurationType Interface 5.2.10 IIeeeTsnInterfaceConfigurationTalkerType Interface 5.2.11 IIeeeTsnInterfaceConfigurationListenerType Interface 5.2.12 IIeeeTsnMacAddressType Interface 5.2.13 IIeeeTsnVlanTagType Interface 5.2.14 IPriorityMappingEntryType Interface 5.3 DataTypes 5.3.1 Enumeration DataTypes Duplex enumeration InterfaceAdminStatus enumeration InterfaceOperStatus enumeration NegotiationStatus enumeration TsnFailureCode Enumeration TsnStreamState Enumeration TsnTalkerStatus Enumeration TsnListenerStatus Enumeration 5.3.2 Structure DataTypes UnsignedRationalNumber 5.4 Instance Entry Points 5.4.1 Resources Folder 5.4.2 Communication Folder 5.4.3 MappingTables Folder 5.4.4 NetworkInterfaces Folder 5.4.5 Streams Folder 5.4.6 TalkerStreams Folder 5.4.7 ListenerStreams Folder Annex A Modelling Examples (informative) A.1 Modelling Examples for Network Interfaces A.1.1 Virtual Network Interfaces A.1.2 Link Aggregation A.2 Modelling Examples for PriorityMappingEntry Interfaces A.3 Usage of BNM in other UA Specifications A.3.1 Usage of BNM for PubSub over TSN A.3.2 Usage of BNM in PROFINET Companion Spec