For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in OPC 10000-1, OPC 10000-3, and OPC 10000-4, as well as the following apply.

template declaring the content of a DataSet

Note 1 to entry:A DataSetClass is used to type DataSets for use in several Publishers and for filtering in Subscribers.

data describing the content and semantic of a DataSet

entity receiving DataSetMessages from a Message Oriented Middleware

Note 1 to entry:A DataSetReader is the component that extracts a DataSetMessage from a NetworkMessage received from the Message Oriented Middleware and decodes the DataSetMessage to a DataSet for further processing in the Subscriber.

entity creating DataSetMessages from DataSets and publishing them through a Message Oriented Middleware

Note 1 to entry:A DataSetWriter encodes a DataSet to a DataSetMessage and includes the DataSetMessage into a NetworkMessage for publishing through a Message Oriented Middleware.

configuration of application-data to be published as DataSet

Note 1 to entry: A PublishedDataSet can be a list of monitored Variables or an Event selection.

grouping of security settings and security keys used to access messages from a Publisher

Note 1 to entry:A SecurityGroup is an abstraction that represents the security settings and security keys that can be used to access messages from a Publisher. A SecurityGroup is identified with a unique identifier called the SecurityGroupId. The SecurityGroupId is unique within the Security Key Service.

configuration for dispatching of received DataSets

Note 1 to entry: A SubscribedDataSet can be a mapping of DataSet fields to Variables in the Subscriber AddressSpace.

AMQPAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol

ASAuthorization Service

CTLCertificate Trust List

HMIHuman Machine Interface

IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol

MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MLDMulticast Listener Discovery

MQTTMQ Telemetry Transport

MTUMaximum Transmission Unit

PCPPriority Code Point

QoSQuality of Service

SKSSecurity Key Service

TSNTime Sensitive Networking

UAUnified Architecture

UADPUA Datagram Protocol

UDPUser Datagram Protocol

URIUniform Resource Identifier

URLUniform Resource Locator

VIDVLAN Identifier