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The SerialNumber property is a unique production number assigned by the manufacturer of the device. This is often stamped on the outside of the device and may be used for traceability and warranty purposes. This property is derived from ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI. Variable Manufacturer ToC

The Manufacturer property provides the name of the company that manufactured the device. This property is derived from ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI. Variable Model ToC

The Model property provides the name of the product. This property is derived from ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI. Variable ProductCode ToC

The ProductCode property provides a unique combination of numbers and letters used to identify the product. It may be the order information displayed on type shields or in ERP systems. This property is derived from ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI. Variable AssetId ToC

The AssetId property is a user writable alphanumeric character sequence uniquely identifying a component. The ID is provided by the vendor, integrator or user of the device. It contains typically an identifier in a branch, use case or user specific naming scheme.

This could be for example a reference to an electric scheme. For electric schemes typically EN 81346-2 is used.

An use case could be to build up a location oriented view in a spare part management client software. It enables to identify parts with the same article number which is not possible if this entry is not used.

This property is defined by ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI. Reference IsConnectedTo ToC

IsConnectedTo is a reference to provide the relationship between a motor and a gear of a power train. Reference IsDrivenBy ToC

IsDrivenBy is a reference to provide a relationship from a motor to a drive, which can be a multi-slot-drive or single slot drive. The TypeDefinition of the reference destination as BaseObjectType provides the possibility to point to a slot of a mulit-slot-drive or a motor-integrated-drive. If this reference points to a physical drive (and not a drive slot) it should point to an DriveType.

Annex B.1.9 shows different possibilities of usage. Object ParameterSet ToC

Table 26 – ParameterSet of MotorType

Attribute Value        
BrowseName ParameterSet        
References Node   Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling   Rule
HasComponent Variable BrakeReleased Boolean BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable MotorTemperature Double AnalogUnitType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable EffectiveLoadRate UInt16 BaseDataVariableType Optional

Description of ParameterSet of MotorType:

  • Variable BrakeReleased: The BrakeReleased is an optional variable used only for motors with brakes. If BrakeReleased is TRUE the motor is free to run. FALSE means that the motor shaft is locked by the brake.
  • Variable MotorTemperature: The MotorTemperature provides the temperature of the motor. If there is no temperature sensor the value is set to “null”.
  • Variable EffectiveLoadRate: EffectiveLoadRate is expressed as a percentage of maximum continuous load. The Joule integral is typically used to calculate the current load, i.e.:

* 2 =





Figure 17 – The Joule Integral Used to Calculate Current Load

Duration should be defined and documented by the vendor.

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