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The ClassifiedActiveErrorDataType is a subtype of the ActiveErrorDataType and adds the elements defined in Table 140 for additional information about errors.

Table 140 – ClassifiedActiveErrorDataType Definition

Name Type Description
ClassifiedActiveErrorDataType structure Subtype of ActiveErrorDataType
   SourceNodes 0:NodeId[] NodeIds   of the Nodes which cause the error. This can be a component of the machine (e.g. temperature zone) or a process parameter expressed as MonitoredParameterType (e.g. temperature)
   Classification 0:UInt16 Classification of the error, if a process parameter expressed as MonitoredParameterType is the cause of the error. As values (1 – 8), the same as defined in Table 127 are used.

If the error is not caused by a specific process parameter (e.g. failure of an component), Classification = 0.

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