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This Clause provides additional examples for the use of HasNotifier, HasEventSource and HasCondition References to expose the organization of areas and sources with their associated Conditions. This hierarchy is additional to a hierarchy provided with Organizes and Aggregates References.

Figure B.3 illustrates the use of the HasCondition Reference with Condition instances.

readme_files/image032.png Figure B.3 – HasCondition used with Condition instances

In systems where Conditions are not available as instances, the ConditionSource can reference the ConditionTypes instead. This is illustrated with the example in Figure B.4.

readme_files/image033.png Figure B.4 – HasCondition reference to a Condition type

Figure B.5 provides an example where the HasCondition Reference is already defined in the Type system. The Reference can point to a Condition Type or to an instance. Both variants are shown in this example. A Reference to a Condition Type in the Type system will result in a Reference to the same Type Node in the instance.

readme_files/image034.png Figure B.5 – HasCondition used with an instance declaration

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