This Clause provides additional examples for the use of HasNotifier, HasEventSourceand HasCondition Referencesto expose the organization of areas and sources with their associated Conditions. This hierarchy is additional to a hierarchy provided with Organizesand Aggregates References.

Figure B.3illustrates the use of the HasCondition Referencewith Conditioninstances.


Figure B.3– HasCondition used with Condition instances

In systems where Conditionsare not available as instances, the ConditionSourcecan reference the ConditionTypesinstead. This is illustrated with the example in Figure B.4.


Figure B.4– HasCondition reference to a Condition type

Figure B.5provides an example where the HasCondition Referenceis already defined in the Typesystem. The Referencecan point to a Condition Typeor to an instance. Both variants are shown in this example. A Referenceto a Condition Typein the Typesystem will result in a Referenceto the same Type Nodein the instance.


Figure B.5– HasCondition used with an instance declaration