NodeId ns=1;i=11
NodeClass ObjectType
BrowseName 1:ProductType
DisplayName ProductType
Description Represents a product related to the scale.
BaseType 0:BaseObjectType
IsAbstract True
Reference NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition DataType Other
0:HasProperty Variable 1:BatchId 0:PropertyType 0:String O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:BatchName 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:JobId 0:PropertyType 0:String O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:JobName 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText O
0:HasComponent Object 1:Lock 2:LockingServicesType O
0:HasComponent Variable 1:PresetTare 0:AnalogItemType 0:Number O
0:HasComponent Variable 1:ProductId 0:BaseDataVariableType 0:String M
0:HasComponent Variable 1:ProductMode 0:TwoStateDiscreteType 0:Boolean O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:ProductName 0:PropertyType 0:LocalizedText M
0:HasComponent Object 1:Statistic 1:StatisticType O