NodeId ns=1;i=25
NodeClass ObjectType
BrowseName 1:StatisticType
DisplayName StatisticType
Description Container for the different statisticvalues. All variables are optional, so that the statistics can be instanced application-specific.
BaseType 0:BaseObjectType
IsAbstract False
Reference NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition DataType Other
0:HasComponent Object 1:LastItem 1:WeighingItemType O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:ResetCondition 0:PropertyType 0:String O
0:HasProperty Variable 1:StartTime 0:PropertyType 0:DateTime O
0:HasComponent Variable 1:Tare 0:AnalogItemType 0:Double O
0:HasComponent Variable 1:Throughput 0:AnalogItemType 0:UInteger O
0:HasComponent Object 1:TotalPackages 1:StatisticCounterType O
0:HasComponent Object 1:TotalPackagesWeighed 1:StatisticCounterType O