Operational mode in which the machine operates in automatically without operator commands.

mechanical joint of a manipulator that performs a linear or a rotational movement

receiver of information

Note: Requests services from a server, usually OPC UA system.

device, which controls a process by computing control data

action for the achievement of machine-preserving measures

activity to be performed manually by the operator

person designated to start, monitor and stop the intended operation of a machine.

the single, complete execution of a recipe

exchangeable components used in a machine to execute the production process

Note: They may for example be drills, ball milling heads, cutting inserts, pinching tools and so forth. May be a non-contact tool, for example a processing laser.

Tool change in context of this interface is the action of inserting a tool into the machine. There are two reasons this is done or necessary: 1) tool life of one group of tools has expired and machining cannot continue until a new tool with sufficient tool life for the next operation is inserted (causing a tool change) 2) a tool for a given job is not available (or defined as "hand tool" and) must be provided.