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The research group Smart Production Systems at the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology focuses on the digitization of the food and beverage industry through the research areas Artificial Intelligence, Multi Agent Systems, Modelling and Simulation as well as standardized data and communication interfaces. The research group's special focus is on the scientific consideration of issues that support the individual industrial sectors in solving current or future challenges. For example, the supply of individualized products of the beverage industry through a decentralized control system as well as the flexible composition of the required machines is solved with the help of multi-agent systems. The application of artificial intelligence is intended to optimize processes across industries and to make them more efficient through the interaction of standardized data. The simulation of different systems in the food and beverage industry aims to increase energy and media efficiency on the one hand, and to enable the virtual commissioning of process engineering plants by means of simulation models on the other.

In addition, the research group deals with the questions of plastic packaging with special functions. Among other things, the development of intelligent sensors and the topic of microplastics play a role here.