The core libraries defined in this annex correspond to the types defined in the base OPC UA Specifications (i.e., those defined in Namespace 0, “”). AML libraries for all other OPC UA Information Models can be created by deriving new AML types from the types in this AML library, just as new OPC UA types are derived from the OPC UA types defined in the base OPC Specifications.

The AutomationML libraries that mirror the types defined in the OPC UA Namespace are provided in a single digitally signed AML Container here:

NOTE The location referred to in this URL does not exist yet. The server location will be created after the RC member review, and this note will be deleted.

Each of the libraries described in A.9 shall contain an “Additional information collection” in the header of the Library with the XML Element “OpcUaLibInfo” with the sub-element “OpcUaNamespaceUri” with the value and additional sub-elements ModelVersion and ModelPublicationDate, of which an example is shown in Figure B.1 for the AttributeTypeLibrary.


Figure B.1 – Library Header for the AttributeTypeLibrary