The Descriptor manifest is an XML file that defines the metadata for a Descriptor.

There shall be exactly one Descriptor manifest in a Descriptor.

The Descriptor manifest file shall be identified by an Open Packaging Conventions relationship of type “” stored in the container relationship file “_rels/.rels”.


<Relationship Target= “{path to manifest file}” Type=“” Id=“{id-attribute of manifest file}”/>

The Descriptor manifest shall have exactly one “DescriptorInfo” XML element, which defines the XML sub-elements “DescriptorIdentifier”, “DescriptorVersion”, and “OpcUaFxVersion”, as defined in Table 1.

Table 1 – The content of the DescriptorInfo XML element






URI of the Descriptor. Defines a globally unique identifier for the Descriptor.


4 integers of type xs:short

Descriptor version. Defines the version numbers of the Descriptor.



Version of the OPC UA FX standard taken from the NodeSet file the Descriptor adheres to.

The following is an example of a “DescriptorInfo” XML element:












The schema of the Descriptor manifest is defined in Annex J.

If a Descriptor is stored in an AcDescriptorType instance in the online Information Model and a value for the DescriptorIdentifier or the DescriptorVersion Variable of the instance is provided, this value will match the respective content of the DescriptorIdentifier or DescriptorVersion element in the DescriptorInfo XML element of the Descriptor manifest. (See OPC 10000-81, FxAssetType definition)