For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in OPC 10000-1, OPC 10000-3, OPC 10000-4, OPC 10000-80, OPC 10000-81, OPC 10000-14,OPC 10000-100, IEC 62714-1 as well as the following apply.

All used terms are italicized in this document.

Automation Markup Language

XML-based data exchange format for plant engineering data defined in the IEC 62714 series.

container format defined by AutomationML containing multiple AutomationML files and other documents.

Note 1 to entry:An AML Container is based on the Open Packaging Conventions format.

Note 2 to entry: In this standard, an AML Container is used as the file format for a Descriptor.

Note 3 to entry: The file name extension of an AML Container is “.amlx”.

[SOURCE: IEC 62714-1:2018, 8.9]

term for relationship, signature, and content type files in the AutomationML Container

directed graph with no directed cycles that consists of vertices and edges (also called arcs), with each edge directed from one vertex to another, such that following those directions will never form a closed-loop

container-file technology initially created by Microsoft to store a combination of XML and non-XML (e.g., other text or binary) files that together form a single entity

Note 1 to entry: Open Packaging Conventions is also described in ECMA-376.

[SOURCE: ISO/IEC 29500-2:2021]

provisional URI scheme in the IANA-maintained registry of URI schemes located at

Note 1 to entry:The Pack URI scheme is used to reference part resources inside a multi-document container.

[SOURCE: ISO/IEC 29500-2:2021]



AMLXAutomationML Container


CACertificate Authority

CAEXComputer Aided Engineering eXchange

DCSDistributed Control System

MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extension

PLCProgrammable Logic Controller



URIUniform Resource Identifier

UUIDUniversally Unique IDentifier