UAFX defines an application layer model and the use of common UA communication services (e.g., Client Server, PubSub), which specify mappings to the underlying network layer. The operation of UAFX in an IT/OT network requires the underlying network layers to fulfil a set of functionalities defined in this document encapsulated in the definition of components (see 5). Figure 1 highlights the definitions in this document with respect to the overall OPC UA FX communication stack architecture (see OPC 10000-80, 4.2).


Figure 1 – UAFX Networking definitions in context of OPC UA FX communication stack architecture

This release of the document applies to Ethernet networks. Clause 5 provides an overall system description covering the features in this document and their relationship to definitions in other OPC UA specifications. Clause 6 defines networking requirements for components supporting UAFX. Clause 7 defines network service requirements.