As illustrated in Figure E.29, the configuration of the DataSetReader can be derived from the ConnectionEndpointParameter, the SubscriberConfiguration and its parent Object.


Figure E.29 – ConnectionConfigurationSet and DataSetReader

It is recommended to update PublisherId, WriterGroupId and DataSetWriterId after issuing the ReserveCommunicationIdsCmd; see E.2 for details. The values are set to correspond to the Publisher of the DataSetMessage.

The ToDataSetReader Reference can be derived from either the PreconfiguredSubscribedDataSet or from a custom SubscribedDataSet within the PubSubConfiguration. The SubscribedDataSet contains the InputVariableIds specified in the ConnectionEndpointParameter.

The DataSetReader element MessageSettings is transport-specific. For UDP-UADP, NetworkMessageNumber, DataSetOffset, NetworkMessageContentMask, and DataSetMessageContentMask are derived from the HeaderLayoutUri. For UADP-Periodic-Fixed, NetworkMessageNumber and DataSetOffset of the DataSetMessage are determined by the generator of the PubSubConfiguration. ReceiveOffset and ProcessingOffset may be set to a negative value, indicating that they are not used. They may be used when additional Quality of Services are specified. GroupVersion and PublishingInterval are set corresponding to the Publisher of the DataSetMessage. DataSetClassId may be set to NULL.

The DataSetReader element TransportSettings is transport-specific. For UDP-UADP, Address is set to NULL. QosCategory and DatagramQos are derived from ReceiveQos and Qos; see for details.

For UDP_UADP, no DataSetReaderProperties are defined.