As illustrated in Figure E.28, the configuration of the DataSetWriter can be derived from the ConnectionEndpointParameter and the PubSubCommunicationFlow.


Figure E.28 – ConnectionConfigurationSet and DataSetWriter

The ToDataSetWriter Reference can be derived from either the PreconfiguredPublishedDataSet or from a custom PublishedDataSet within the PubSubConfiguration. The PublishedDataSet contains the OutputVariableIds specified in the ConnectionEndpointParameter.

The DataSetWriter element MessageSettings is transport-specific. For UDP-UADP, the DataSetMessageContentMask, ConfiguredSize, NetworkMessageNumber, and DataSetOffset are derived from the HeaderLayoutUri. For UADP-Periodic-Fixed ConfiguredSize, NetworkMessageNumber and DataSetOffset of the DataSetMessage are determined by the generator of the PubSubConfiguration.

For UADP-Periodic-Fixed, the KeyFrameCount is set to 1.

For UDP_UADP, no DataSetWriterProperties or TransportSettings are defined.