Figure E.2 depicts the configuration elements contained in a ConnectionConfigurationSet and their relation to each other for multiple logical connections between two AutomationComponents.

Often, traffic between two AutomationComponents will be optimized to use one NetworkMessage. EndpointA1 and EndpointA2 share PubSubCommunicationFlowConfiguration Flow1 with a ToOutboundFlow Reference and share SubscriberConfiguration SubA with a ToInboundFlow Reference to ensure the same set of parameters for the outbound and inbound NetworkMessage. The same applies to EndpointB1 and EndpointB2.

A variant of this scenario is illustrated in Figure E.3. In this example, one of the connections requires a fast PublishingInterval and Qos for the exchange of real-time data, and the other connection requires a slow PublishingInterval and best-effort for the exchange of status data.


Figure E.2 – Multiple logical connections between two AutomationComponents

NOTE   In this and the following figures, ServerAddress, HasCommunicationFlowConfiguration References, and PubSubCommunicationModelConfigurations are omitted for brevity. Refer to Figure E.1 for a complete view.


Figure E.3 – Multiple logical connections between two AutomationComponents (variant)