Figure E.1 depicts the configuration elements contained in a ConnectionConfigurationSet and their relation to each other for a single logical connection. The relation between the configuration elements (present on the ConnectionManager) and their resulting runtime elements (present or created on the AutomationComponents being part of the logical connection) is indicated by dashed arrows.


Figure E.1 – ConnectionConfigurationSet overview (single logical connection)

This ConnectionConfigurationSet contains one ConnectionConfiguration Connection1, which contains the configuration for a single logical connection.

Connection1 contains two ConnectionEndpointConfigurations for the two ConnectionEndpoints EndpointA and EndpointB. Each ConnectionEndpointConfiguration contains all parameters required for creating the ConnectionEndpoint, verifying the affected FunctionalEntity, requesting ControlGroups, and application configuration.

The ConnectionConfigurationSet provides two PubSubCommunicationFlowConfiguration Objects, Flow1 and Flow2. They provide communication configuration (e.g., interval, timeout or QoS) and are referenced by the Endpoints with ToOutboundFlow and ToInboundFlow References. While an Object of type SubscriberConfigurationType (SubA, SubB) contains configuration for the Subscriber only, its parent PubSubCommunicationFlowConfigurationType Object contains configuration relevant for both the Publisher and Subscriber. The configuration contained in Flow1 is used for setting up the Publisher on ServerA, and the configuration contained in SubB and Flow1 is for setting up the Subscriber on ServerB. Flow2 and SubA are used for setting up Publisher and Subscriber in the opposite direction.

EndpointA and EndpointB are each referenced by an AutomationComponentConfiguration AC_A and AC_B, which hold the FunctionalEntities involved in this logical connection. AC_A and AC_B contain the parameters for verifying Assets. AC_A and AC_B may optionally include the PubSubCommunicationModelConfiguration PubSubModelA and PubSubModelB.

AC_A and AC_B are each referenced by a ServerAddress ServerA and ServerB, containing the configuration required for the ConnectionManager to be able to establish a secure Session to ServerA and ServerB.