Figure D.33 provides an illustration of a full AutomationComponent. It omits some instances in nested Objects. This example links the Asset illustrated in D.2.2 for the SenseHat (Figure D.5) with the FunctionalEntity example in D.3.3 for the SenseHat (Figure D.19). It shows the IsExecutingOn Reference between the MyApplicationProgram FunctionalEntity and the MyRaspberryPiInstance Asset.


Figure D.33 – AutomationComponent example

Figure D.34 provides a zoomed-in view of the AutomationComponent MyRaspberryPiAC. It illustrates the multiple Descriptors that the AC exposes. One for the original Raspberry Pi application, one for the SenseHat library that provides functionality, and one for the end user application (user program) that is loaded. It also illustrates the ConformanceName URL that points to the OPC Foundation listing for the product. Since this sample is a certified application, the URL would provide the details related to the Profile/Facets and optional ConformanceUnits related to this product’s certification.


Figure D.34 – AutomationComponent expand example