The second variant assumes that the module can exchange data using a preconfigured DataSet containing all four channels but also allows data to be exchanged using a customized DataSet (e.g., Channel2 and Channel3 to one controller and Channel1 to another controller).

In this case, a possible Information Model looks like the one illustrated in Figure D.23. However, PreconfiguredDataSetOnly set to False indicates that the data can be exchanged using the preconfigured PublishedDataSet, but in addition using a customized DataSet. A customized PublishedDataSet will be created during the establishment of a connection.


Figure D.23 – Sample for analogue input module – preconfigured and customized DataSet

ConnectionEndpoints established on that FunctionalEntity may use a preconfigured or customized DataSet as illustrated in Figure D.24. Conn_A, Conn_B, DSW_A, DSW_B and PDS_B are created in this example during EstablishConnections. ControllerA, connected through Conn_A, will receive all channels using the preconfigured PublishedDataSet PDS_AI4. ControllerB, connected through Conn_B, will receive Channel2 and Channel3 using the customized PublishedDataSet PDS_B.


Figure D.24 – Preconfigured and customized DataSet used by ConnectionEndpoints