The first variant, as illustrated in Figure D.21, assumes that the module can only exchange data using a preconfigured DataSet containing all four channels. In this case, a possible Information Model would organize the Variables in OutputData (the top-level folder). The preconfigured PublishedDataSet PDS_AI4 defines the fixed layout for the data exchange (indicated in PublisherCapabilities as one of the PreconfiguredPublishedDataSets). PreconfiguredDataSetOnly set to True indicates that the data contained in this folder can only be exchanged using the preconfigured PublishedDataSet.


Figure D.21 – Sample for analogue input module – pre-configured DataSet only

This has the consequence that a ConnectionEndpoint established on that FunctionalEntity can only use the preconfigured PublishedDataSet for communication, as illustrated in Figure D.22. Conn_A and the PubSub Objects, including DSW_A (referencing the preconfigured PDS_AI4) are in this example created during EstablishConnections. For simplicity, PubSubConnection and WriterGroup are not shown.


Figure D.22 – Fixed layout used by ConnectionEndpoint