Figure D.19 illustrates an ExecutionEngine in which libraries have been loaded as well as a program. There are two libraries loaded. One that provides the functionality that comes with the SenseHat (note: not all functionality is illustrated) and another that provides calculation functions. These libraries can be thought of as a list of types that can be instantiated in programs. A program is also loaded, where the program is a sub-FunctionalEntity (MyApplicationProgram), and each execution block is represented by a separate FunctionalEntity (Temperature, Humidity, Calculation, and LED-Block).

Some key points in this example, the ApplicationIdentifier has been updated for each application that was loaded since each was provided by a different vendor. The Sub FunctionalEntities all have their own AuthorUri and other properties, but they are not illustrated for simplicity. Also, each FunctionBlock has a list of inputs, outputs and configuration data that is also not illustrated. This illustration will be used in later clauses to illustrate other concepts.


Figure D.19 – Example FunctionalEntities for RaspberryPi