A state machine is defined to coordinate actions executed internally (a ConnectionManager establishing Connections) that involve the processing of a ConnectionConfigurationSet. The States and Transitions that comprise the state machine are illustrated in Figure 38. Numbers in circles indicate the TransitionNumber of a transition.


Figure 38 – ConnectionConfigurationSetStateMachineType overview diagram

The transitions with TransitionNumber 1 and 4 (process) may also be triggered by a Client but are more typically triggered internally by a vendor-specific algorithm. The transitions with TransitionNumber 2 (processing succeeded) and 3 (processing failed) are only triggered internally on completion of Connection establishment processing.

A ConnectionConfigurationSetStateMachine may transition to Error for several reasons. Transient errors will be resolved by re-processing the ConnectionConfigurationSet. If the transient error has cleared, the state machine will transition to Ready; otherwise, it will return to Error. The error may be a permanent error that needs correction by the system integrator.