A ConnectionEndpoint is used to represent an endpoint of a Connection between two FunctionalEntities for data exchange. It provides information about which InputVariables and/or OutputVariables are exchanged. ConnectionEndpoints reside in the ConnectionEndpoints Folder of a FunctionalEntity.

The ConnectionEndpointType is illustrated in Figure 27.


Figure 27 – ConnectionEndpointType illustration

A ConnectionEndpoint further describes the link between Variables in the FunctionalEntityType and the communication model used for exchange. Communication models can be Client Server or PubSub. This type specifies the exchanged Variables and contains the status of the Connection. Subtypes of ConnectionEndpointType provide details specific to the utilized communication model and specify how the Connection status shall be determined for a given communication model.

Figure 28 illustrates a Connection between two FunctionalEntities and the use of PubSubConnectionEndpointType to represent the exchanged Variables, as well as corresponding references, into the PubSub Information Model.


Figure 28 – Illustration of a Connection between FunctionalEntities