The Method implementation shall disable all communication model Objects for each element in ConnectionEndpoints in an atomic operation.

If PubSub is used as the communication model for a ConnectionEndpoint, the Method implementation shall only disable the DataSetReader and DataSetWriter referenced by ToDataSetReader and/or ToDataSetWriter References if no further references from other ConnectionEndpoints exist. Their parent Objects (WriterGroup, ReaderGroup, PubSubConnection, and PublishSubscribe) shall be left in their current state.

The behaviour of the Client Server communication model may be defined in a future version of this document.

The CleanupTimeout processing shall be disabled.

If Remove is TRUE, the Method implementation shall remove what has been dynamically created by EstablishConnections Method Call(s) related to the ConnectionEndpoints. This includes any configuration specific to the utilized communication model, all related communication model Objects if not referenced from other ConnectionEndpoints, the ConnectionEndpoints, and all persisted items. In addition, all ControlGroups-based restrictions placed on Objects shall be released. Preconfigured Objects or Objects referenced by other ConnectionEndpoints shall not be removed.

What occurs with the ConfigurationData that was applied when establishing the ConnectionEndpoints is vendor-specific.

NOTE:   A FunctionalEntity may provide application-specific behaviour for its ConfigurationData, i.e., it might roll it back to a predetermined setting, or it might leave it as configured.